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"Don’t worry, Missy. It’s going to be fun." She spoke in a whisper, but it was razor sharp. She ran her hand along my hips, bringing it under my t-shirt. Her hand against my skin gave me chills. I’ve wanted this for so long.

Her hand rose, my shirt along with it. She peeled it off my skin, and I raised my arms to assist her. She brought the cloth over my head, then off my body, discarding it to the side. I was exposed, my breasts presented to my cousin. My nipples were hard. She smiled, and grazed her fingers across them. My spine tingled.

She crossed her arms and reached for her own waist, grabbing the bottom of her shirt and lifting it off herself in one swift motion. I looked at her breasts, and my lips watered. Her nipples were as stiff as mine. When I caught her eyes looking at me as I admired her, I blushed and looked away. She let out an amused giggle, then said smiling. “Missy, relax. You don’t have to be nervous.” She walked over to me, took me by the back of my neck, and forcefully pulled me into her lips. I could feel her nipples rubbing against mine as her tongue invaded my mouth.

She released my lips, then pressed her hand against my chest. She could feel my heart beating. She slowly walked her fingers down my body, raising goosebumps with every step, until she reached the button that secured my jeans. With two fingers, she unclasped it, then dragged the pants down my legs until they were piled at my feet. She lifted my legs to step out of them, and I did.

She lifted herself back to my eye level. “Missy, tell me if you want to stop.” I looked into my cousins eyes. She wanted it almost as much as I did. I was relieved that she was the one to take control, because I would never have made a move on my own.

"Laura. Please…don’t stop" I was pleading with her, and I could tell she loved it. She took her left arm, and wrapped it around my back, pulling me closer to her. I could feel our nipples rubbing against each others skin. She looked into my eyes, her look was was comforting. Then her eyes gazed downwards to my exposed pussy, and I saw her hand lurching forward. She brought a single finger to my slit, dragging it through my lips. Her pace was agonizingly slow. My mouth hung open as she began running her middle finger between my pussy lips, rubbing my clit and soaking both me and her finger. I tried to breathe, but couldn’t. I could feel my orgasm approaching already. My cousin was rubbing my pussy and I couldn’t contain my lust.

She slowly leaned her head in. She brought her lips to my ears, and with the same sharp whisper, said “Cum for me, Missy.” Then she brought her soft wet lips to my neck. In a flash, my body shook, and I felt my legs give out from under me. I would have fallen if it weren’t for Laura holding me up, supporting me through this amazing moment. I shuttered, and twitched, and for a moment I was certain I would pass out.

After what felt like an eternity, the sensation slowly subsided, and all that was left were the aftershocks, and a feeling of weakness that washed over my entire body. Everything started to come back to me slowly, and I discovered I was now laying on the ground, my beautiful cousin holding me in her arms, running her hand through my hair. She looked down at me smiling. “You did great, Missy.”

All I could do was smile at her before I fell asleep in my cousin’s arms.

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